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Decluttering for a more peaceful mind and detangled day.

Hairdryers are one of the most awkward devices to store; their unusual shape and long cable don’t make them ‘drawer-friendly’ products. Because of this, they are left out, making the room look messy and unorganized.


6 Weeks


Product Design, CAD Modeling






My goal was to design a hairdryer that made storing and using simpler.

From reviewing the existing market landscape, the emerging themes are that companies are competing after the lowest dollar without giving much attention to the experience of using the product. The traditional design for a hairdryer had not evolved in years, except for Dyson.


This resulted in the exploration and creation of a new hairdryer design that was going to address these issues. It was time for the hairdryer to adapt to the space that people live in. After a lot brainstorming and sketching I decided upon a design that would belong in these spaces without disrupting it.

Hairdryer_Process Book5.jpg
Hairdryer_Process Book4.jpg

Material Exploration

The combination of neutral body color and a contrasting color fabric cord makes it more of interesting look. Addtioanlly, the translucent plastic handle helps interacting with the retractable cord functionality easier.

Product Interface

I wanted to create a simple yet effective user interaction with the product. There are not many buttons, one for the speed and the other "switch" style button for the temperature. Furthermore, the cord can be retracted back by pulling it towards you.


Final Product Rendering

Illuminate focuses on the functionality and storage of the cord so it fits in a cabinet or drawer neatly. This is done by incorporating a translucent handle with a cavity where the cord can be coiled or pushed in swiftly with the plug acting as a lid.

better Hairdryer.374.jpg
better Hairdryer.312.jpg

The slanted edge of the head makes it easy for you to place it on the counter when using or not using. Reduces the clutter with a proper place to live.


All the things I learned during this project

This project was intense. I worked on designs for three different economic models; Creating the color, material, and finish for each. Additionally, every single internal part of the hairdryer was also modeled. 

Have a strategic project timeline

‍Because the project had so many moving parts and so little time, moving forward I would create deadlines for myself to achieve things in a timely manner.

Costing into consideration

Keeping in mind that even though in school you can choose the best materials and complex designs but in the real world you need to think about the cost of building and manufacturing the product into consideration.

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